Spring has sprung almost all over the United States and that means racing season has already started (for some) or is really gearing up for others.

This past holiday season, I included Sage Rountree’s book, Racing Wisely, in the Rest Day Reads section of the Fit Gift Holiday Guide but I also wanted to give you a sense of what the book can offer therefore I asked the certified coaches and co-Founders of over at KR Endurance to give me their take on the book.

Coach Says

Coach Kristie Cranford says:

I began reading,  “Racing Wisely” one month from my “A” race.  I found it to be insightful with planning and preparation tips for before, during, and after a race.  It was surprisingly not only an informative yet an entertaining read with splashes of humor which you don’t find in many books of this nature.  

I like the philosophy on how “Personal Best” is not always a “Personal Record” a very positive and realistic approach to setting up each race for success through planning and preparation.   Whether a new or seasoned racer this book is a good read for all athletes of all race distances and abilities.

Coach Rebecca Adamson says:

New athletes and seasoned racers can benefit from reading “Racing Wisely.”  Sage has taken a reasonable and thoughtful approach to what is sometimes considered complex information on an often intimidating subject. 

Anyone just getting started in running, cycling or triathlon will enjoy her practical, smart and sensible style, and experienced athletes will appreciate many of the reminders and solid advice she presents (such as setting “intention” for a race). 

I recommend “Racing Wisely” to any athlete looking to perform at the best. 


Question of the Day: How do you “race wisely”?


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The best oil for cooking is one of the big talked about items in cooking and fitness circles alike, and depending on where the person falls in the clean eating spectrum, the opinions will vary.

I am sharing the infographic below because it provides basic factual information about the oils like smoke points and nutritional facts.

The “Meet the Oils” section I consider ‘commentary’ because you need to stay informed about which oils are best for your health and fitness goals.

Source: Fix.com


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