With all of his worldwide traveling, Flat Stanley not only knows the value of hydration, but also how important it is to travel light. So, it’s no surprise that I found him using Vapur’s “anti-bottle” when I last saw him. I even caught him snapping a selfie…

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Ok, all kidding aside, the Vapur water bottle really is the perfect travel companion because it can be easily tucked away virtually anywhere once you’ve finished drinking from it. It you want easier access to it then you can simply use the caribiner to hang it from a loop on your backpack or purse.

When filled with liquid, the Vapur’s wide-based bottom makes it easy to place on a flat surface without it tipping over therefore you can easily use it when you sit to eat while out on the town.

Care and feeding of the water bottle is easy – no special brush to get into the nooks and crannies, I just ran it through the dishwasher several times and it was clean.

The final word? The Vapur water bottle helps keep you hydrated but doesn’t weigh you down. Just ask Flat Stanley!


A Punk Rope Jump Rope Is No Joke

by Dana on December 16, 2014

When I launched the Use Your Words clothing line, the “Jump Around” design was one of my first because jumping rope is something I have incorporated into my training for at least two decades and is something everyone can do throughout their lives.

As I got feedback for the design, however, I learned that not everyone feels that way. The seven year old son of an acquaintance saw the shirt and didn’t like it because, he explained, “jumping rope is for girls.”

And I felt like I should cue the sitcom laugh track as we watched his mother use it as a teaching moment but she just giggled and then…


I was flabbergasted as I made a mental list of all the boys and men I’ve known over the years, who jump rope as part of their training for boxing, football, soccer, hockey, gymnastics, etc.

Because jumping rope, when done well, is no joke.

Jumping rope is not only great exercise, but can be a lot of fun too. I think the only reason more people aren’t regularly jumping rope is because they couldn’t jump rope well immediately, so they gave up before they really started.

The solution? The Punk Rope jump rope and instructional DVD.

I have owned a variety of jump ropes over the years and the Punk Rope jump rope is lightweight, easy to manage, and allows for fluid technique (not herky jerky as some of them do). It’s also very compact because of the minimal handles so you can take it with you virtually anywhere and at $6.00 a rope, it’s cost effective workout equipment.

And while the jump rope is top notch, the instructional DVD is what puts Punk Rope a ‘jump’ above the rest. The ability to learn how to jump rope in the comfort of your own home with easy-to-follow instructions will give you another great option in your exercise toolkit to reaching your health and fitness goals.

The verdict? Everyone should jump around with Punk Rope.


DBelt Is Fitness Fashion In Stealth Mode

December 5, 2014

When I first saw the DBelt advertisement above, I thought, “well that looks slick,” because the DBelt team did a great job of showing how seamless the accessory might be for the multitasking runner. I thought “might be” because I’m a little skeptical of advertisements and claims, as you may have guessed from my reviews [...]

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Leave Your Motivational Mark With Fun Chalk

December 2, 2014

I am a list person. Sometimes, my lists have lists. I am also a fan of motivational mantras. And color. Lots of color. If you put them all together? It’s a banner day! So, when Kathy offered to let me try Fun Chalk, a set of bright and colorful liquid chalk markers that can be [...]

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