Fitness Jewelry Evolution: It’s a Wrap!

Did you know how many parallels there are between your approach to reaching your fitness goals and the evolution of a piece of fitness jewelry?

No need to look quizzically at the screen or shake your head “no” thinking I can see you. I didn’t either until recently.

The idea came to me while I was reviewing customer feedback and realized many of the requests related to Words to Sweat by’s line of motivational mantra wrap bracelets put me right back where I started.

The original mantra wrap bracelet had a charm directly attached to the wrap bracelet (above). While I got good feedback, I decided I wanted to provide as much versatility as possible so it could be worn with a variety of looks; wearing it not only while you workout but also when you head out on the town with friends.

To work this into the design I layered the charm bracelet over the wrap. The layered look allowed for people to wear the small charm bracelet on its own and even combine it with other favorite charm bracelets to create a funky stacked, mixed-material look.

And the feedback continued to be positive.

In striving to offer products people love, however, I learned recently that many of the Words to Sweat by customers are using the bracelets on super long training runs, during marathons and ultramarathons, as well as doing some grueling gym workouts. They love the motivation the mantra charm gives them, but need it to stay firmly in place.

So back to the beginning we go!

I am excited to share that all Words to Sweat by motivational mantra wrap charm bracelets will now be offered with a “charm style” option: the All In One Mantra Wrap™ where the charm is attached to the wrap directly, or the Layered Look Mantra Wrap™ where it is a separate bracelet strung on lightweight gray jersey layered over the wrap.


Fitness Jewelry & Your Fitness Approach Go Hand in Hand

So how does this story of the evolution of fitness jewelry’s first ever workout wrap bracelet apply to your fitness approach? Let me count the top three ways!

When it comes to your approach to reaching your fitness goals you should:

  1. always be assessing what works and doesn’t work for you and your body.
  2. seek out insights and advice from experienced people whose opinion you value.
  3. be ready to tweak your approach to meet your needs – which sometimes means going right back to where you started!

And with that advice, it’s a wrap (motivational bracelet) everyone!

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