#GivingTuesday: Food Helps Us Stay Focused

It’s no secret that I am partial to a play on words, and when deciding on a title for this post, I defaulted to my norm because I always like there to be a deeper meaning to my mantras whenever possible.

In the case of “food helps us stay focused” there is the obvious meaning – that nourishing ourselves with healthy foods means that our brains and bodies can function at their best.

The deeper meaning for me, however, is that for years I have been hard pressed to stretch my available budget across all of the charities I think are doing great work. I therefore had to focus on a select few and in thinking it through, I kept coming back to food being at the heart (literally and figuratively) of so many things that improve a person’s life.

There is plenty of research and information on the impact of hunger – so I will leave that to organizations like Feeding America and No Kid Hungry to provide those facts and figures.

I will, instead,  just ask that for this year’s #GivingTuesday, please consider giving a donation to your local food bank so that people in your community can thrive.

If a cash donation isn’t currently in your means, consider volunteering your time.


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