International Women’s Day: Sites That Contribute To Women’s Health

Women’s health is a hot topic worldwide for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s reproductive rights, breastfeeding, postpartum depression, or obesity these are all extrememly important conversations but this post isn’t going to talk about a woman’s physical health.

I instead want to talk about sites that contribute to a woman’s mental health in subtle ways that might otherwise be overlooked.

Women Talk Sports

In December of last year, I participated in the “Rally 4 Girls” that sought to bring the continued inequalities in girls’ athletics to the fore. So a site like Women Talk Sports is a beacon in the storm as they seek to ‘promote and empower female athletiscism.

See Jane Do

Looking for information on how everyday women make a difference? See Jane Do is the place to find stories that will inspire you. This site seeks to showcase “passion into action.” If you know of someone in your community who inspires you, take a minute to nominate her in the extraordinatry Jane contest.

The Good Men Project

Don’t worry, you read that header correctly. In a post about women, I am talking about The Good Men Project Magazine – a magazine that seeks to “redefine what a men’s magazine can be.”  This magazine gives me hope that we can be a community of people instead of continually pointing fingers at the opposite gender; instead of sitting in the middle school gymnasium on opposite sides of the court. If we both take responsibilty for our actions (and inactions) then we can build a common ground to improve ourselves and our communities.

What site would you add to this list as we celebrate women today?

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