Peace Of Mind: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

Words to Sweat by: Strength. Compassion. Peace,

It is a moment in time that cannot and will not go unnoticed.

At the announcement last night that Osama bin Laden is dead there was a collective sigh of relief, amazement, confusion, joy, celebration. Most of all, people are filled with mixed emotions because it is a sad day when we celebrate the killing of another person.

With this news, however, I am hopeful that it brings a level of closure to those who are haunted by the images and impact of 9/11. May it also bring strength and peace of mind – that those who died are not forgotten; that those who fight for us and protect us at home and abroad are respected and appreciated.

I am also hopeful that there is a renewed sense of compassion – that we celebrate the good in others and do what we can to improve the world in which we live. I will therefore start with two simple statements of gratitude:

To the firefighters, policeman, and civilians who lost their lives trying to save others on September 11th, thank you.

And to the Navy SEALS who completed this mission as well as the military here and abroad who protect our freedoms, thank you.


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