Running Necklace: I Run This State™ Chicago Marathon Edition

Words to Sweat by Illinois State Running NecklaceThe Chicago Marathon is only 16 days away and I know a whole host of people who are anxiously finishing up the last of their training. Not only is Chicago a great place to race, but having volunteered at the event before, I know the organizers  have done their best to make it easy for your to have a great time before, during, and after the race.

Race Day Prep

Everyone has his or her own pre-race rituals, but good facts about race day logistics are always helpful so if you can’t bring the copy that was mailed to you with you (after packing all your gear) the participant guide can be found here in case you want a soft copy.

Things to Do Around Chicago

If you’ve planned a couple of extra days before or after the race, you’re in luck. There are always great things to do in Chicago.

Here are three things you might consider:

1. Take A Load Off and Look Up At the Chicago Architecture.

If you have time to take an architectural tour (since you won’t want to walk a ton after the race anyway), I recommend the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s boat tour.

2. Catch a cup of coffee (or tea) along the Riverwalk.

After the architecture tour, stop by one of the little restaurants or coffee houses along the Chicago Riverwalk. You’ll not only get to watch the boats go by, but it also affords some fun people watching.

3. Enjoy some post-marathon eats at The Chicago French Market.

What better way to enjoy all your hard work than to walk among fresh product and goodies – and possibly enjoy some of them along the way? While you walk through The Chicago French Market, you can learn about local Chicago vendors and let your senses get carried away with all the vibrant colors and appealing smells.

Enjoy the Chicago Marathon, and Chicago!

Finishing a marathon is a major feat – even if you’ve done one before! And, it you’re running one of the major US marathons it’s always fun to celebrate with a token of your achievement even outside of the medal you are awarded by the race.

So, why not consider marking the accomplishment with Words to Sweat by’s I Run This State™: Illinois necklace?

May you set a PR at the Chicago Marathon and the enjoy some of the after race events!


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