Showing Compassion: Little Miss Julia and Locks of Love

For just over a year, the Whimsical Walney company blog focused on the CPSIA, its impact on small business, and its need for reform. Throughout the course of that year, I met a variety of people online through Twitter and my blog.

Joanne at Little Miss Julia is one of the wonderful people who I met along the way and whose kindness seems to know no end. Not only does she do whatever she can to promote other business owners (my own included), but she also does whatever she can to contribute to the community.

Throughout March, she is running an event to benefit Locks of Love, a charity which has also had a special place in my heart.

For years, I had hoped to grow my hair long enough in order to donate it to this organization but never quite had the patience. My hairdresser at one point even chuckled at me when I sat in her chair, completely forlorn, because I just couldn’t tolerate all the hair on the back of my neck any longer and asked her to chop it off. We both knew it wasn’t yet long enough to qualify and she commented that she’d never had anyone upset because they couldn’t grow their hair long enough to give it away.

Spring is arriving around the country so it’s the perfect time to throw on spring dresses and accessorize with a cute hair clip therefore take a look at her online boutique and see if there is anything that suits your fancy. Both Joanne and Locks of Love will thank you!

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