Earth Day-Inspired: 3 Ways To Upcycle Old Workout T-shirts

This post is in celebration of Earth Day!

T-shirt refashion by Carrie of ThisMamaMakesStuff

If your old workout t-shirts have lost their shape but you still want to find a use for them try one of these 3 ways to upcycle them:

1. Refashion the t-shirt with This Mama Makes Stuff refashion tutorial (pictured above) or turn it into a racerback tank top with Blogilates’s tutorial (video tutorial below).

2. Have the shirt carry a load by making it into a reusable tote or a reusable produce bag.

3. Snuggle up with a bunch of old shirts after you piece a variety of shirts together and make them into a t-shirt quilt.

How do you upcycle your t-shirts after they’re no longer allowed to leave the house in their current form?

3 thoughts on “Earth Day-Inspired: 3 Ways To Upcycle Old Workout T-shirts”

  1. I love finding tricks to share with my girls. (I’m a Girl Scout Leader, and love my creative girls who are definitely into cloths/fashion). To take something and make it your own and Upcycle tee shirts is wonderful. We have seen the tee bags before, but to re-design a simple tee to extend the wearability is something we must try. Thank you for the ideas.

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