Earth Day-Inspired: DIY Deodorant, Dryer Sheets, And Air Freshener

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This post is in celebration #earthweek as we lead up to Earth Day on April 22nd.

Now that days are longer (and hotter) we’re more active and the smelly funk of Spring and Summer returns to homes around the world.

In order to spare the air of those around us, we often turn to a variety of products (deodorant, dryer sheets, and air freshener) for that ‘clean, fresh scent’ – but many of the mass produced products are detrimental both to our bodies and to the Earth.

So why not try making your own?

If you don’t line dry your clothes, why not start with this super-simple idea for making your own eco-friendly dryer sheets? After that, you’re ready to make this easy air freshener.

And if you don’t sweat making either of those two, you can have a go at making your own deodorant.

What things do you use that are kind to the environment (and your sinuses) this time of year to make sure your workout gear doesn’t ‘pollute’ the atmosphere?





1 thought on “Earth Day-Inspired: DIY Deodorant, Dryer Sheets, And Air Freshener”

  1. Thanks for stopping by Turby and John and sharing one of my posts. : )

    As you saw, I already make my own dryer sheets, but I think I need to give the air freshener a try as well!

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