Winners of the GoRed/BlogYourHeartOut Giveaway

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The first giveaway on the Words to Sweat by blog has come to an end but before announcing the winners, I wanted to thank everyone for spreading the word via Facebook and Twitter as well as the always effective face-t0-face discussion.

The requirements for entry into the giveaway were more specific than most therefore this one had a low number of entries. This number, however, isn’t an indicator of how many people read my Blog Your Heart Out post nor does it let us know how many people saw the tweets and retweets that heart disease is the #1 killer of women.

With the entries alone, we know that 24 women learned more about this topic and we can easily assume they told other friends. I am hopeful that with this new information women are making smart choices to keep their hearts healthy.

So without further adieu the winners are…Emily, Lauren, Jaime, and Deb. No need for a random number generator here. I am extending another prize so that all four women who took the time to enter and comment can enjoy a “Put your heart into it.” towel and share one with a friend.

Thank you to everyone for your support and participation.

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  1. I love the cause you are supporting. It is SO important for women to know these facts. Can’t wait for my “put your heart into it” towel!

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