3 Health And Fitness Lessons I Learned From The Avengers

Not only was The Avengers entertaining, but who knew that there were health and fitness lessons to be learned from this motley crew?

Here are the three health and fitness lessons I learned from The Avengers:

Lesson #1: You’ll always hit your mark with proper form & posture.

From the looks of it, I don’t think Captain America even knows how to slouch, because I never once saw those shoulders hunched. Ever. Not only that, but every time he raises his shield to deflect large objects being aimed at him, he uses a firm base with a soft bend in his knees to take the blow; posture perfect.

Good posture can help you avoid a whole host of issues with your muscles and joints so here is the ultimate guide to good posture as well as some posture pitfalls to avoid.

Lesson #2: You’ll get bulky, angry, and turn green if you fill your body with toxic chemicals.

The Hulk had too much of a bad thing and look what it did to him. I mean, his attitude did come around by the end of the movie, but the toxic chemicals still had a lasting effect on his body that will never go away.

While we may not grow into a green monster that is several stories tall, when we eat the wrong foods and take the wrong supplements, our bodies revolt.  Not only do our energy levels decrease, but our skin, hair, and nails let us know that our bodies aren’t getting the right nutrients.

Remember to find the best way to fuel your body for your workout schedule and make sure to integrate fresh fruits and veggies along with lean proteins whenever possible. If you are tight on time, a homemade smoothie can be a great way to get some extra fruit and vegetable servings into your day.

Lesson #3: You’ll accomplish great things if you include your buddies in your goals.

Each Avenger played an important role in defeating those freakish beasts as well as the even freakier Loki. I’m sure that the words of encouragement that were shared mid-battle helped them push through those final moments in which they saved the world. Not only that, but like so many teams do after a big win, they even shared a celebratory dinner where Tony Stark finally got to try shawarma.

In addition to cheering you on, buddies also help keep you accountable so your goals are more likely to be reached. If your workout already includes a team sport or you have a workout buddy then enjoy and keep it up.

If you’re looking to meet people in your town or city, try searching through Meetup.com to see if there are some health and fitness groups of interest to you.

Are your workouts are more solitary, but you’d still like to find exercise support online? Why not look through this variety of online health and fitness communities to see if you find one where you can like-minded folks?

Entertaining and educational? No wonder The Avengers is such a blockbuster!

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