4 Ways To Get A Healthy Start To 2012

Each person approaches the start of a New Year differently. For some, it’s a time of resolutions and lists, while for others, it’s a time of goal setting, and, you guessed it, lists.

There are also those who are just looking to tweak what is already working for them so it’s less resolution-making or goal setting, but more integration into an established style.

Regardless of where you fall in the mix, the four ideas listed below are sure to get 2012’s healthy goals started!

  1. These tips to jump start workout plan from fitsugar are fairly straightforward but are also very effective if you implement even one of them in 2012.
  2. Leo Babauta’s zenhabits provides “A Compact Guide to Creating the Fitness Habit.” fit guide
  3. The 100 Days Challenge, which I blogged about last year here is back with a with a 2nd annual 100 days challenge event. John Bingham is once again at the helm and reminds you of the ‘rules’ and goals in his “Getting Ready For the Challenge” post. To join the challenge, you can swing by the new 100 days challenge Facebook page.
  4. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t focus as much on the physical challenges (like the squat challenge, plank challenge, or the above 100-days challenge, etc.) but instead on shifting how you approach health and fitness then the Live Well 360 30-day challenge is a great way to start the year.

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