Exert: Family Fitness = Family Fun

Sometimes we get so focused on the little things be it the ideal target rate or calorie counting, how to peak at the right time in your training or the number on the scale, that we forget the big things: family and fun.

Depending on several safety-related factors (heat, high sun, etc.) sometimes you may be enjoying the outdoors, while other times you may need to do something fun inside.

If you’re looking for ideas and like a little competition to go with it, Education.com has a Summer Activities Challenge in which you can participate. Even if you don’t want to compete, they have a great list of a variety of activities that should help keep you and the family busy. With ideas like hiking and water freeze tag, who could go wrong?

In addition to the Education.com site, there is also a great list of ways to play outside from The Daily Green.

So get together as a family and enjoy! If you have additional resources to share, please leave a comment below.

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