If You Were A Yoga Pose, What Would It Be?

While I know I shouldn’t be letting my thoughts wander during my yoga practice, something during class today got me thinking about the standing joke about owners often looking like their dogs.

We were warming up doing cat/cow pose and, like most teachers, the instructor talked about raising your back like an angry cat. As I’m going into the pose I spot the woman just in front of me to the right also going into the pose and, it seemed to capture her essence completely. She typically has a scowl on her face and comes across as, well, angry.

And I wondered if somehow that pose helped her relax more than others? For those who practice yoga, do we have certain postures that ‘define’ our practice in part because of who we are, because of our temperament? Poses we move into easily, hold longer, and remember even after the practice is complete?

So I’m curious – if your practice (and in part your person) were defined by yoga pose, what would it be?

Oh and for those of you who haven’t quite found the practice that resonates with you most there are a lot of wonderful online resources – here are two that offer a variety of classes online:

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