Master The Stationary Bicycle

The bike is stationary but I am not | Words to Sweat by

While a fortunate few are able to ride year round, most people head inside at some point during the year and the stationary bicycle becomes their new best friend.

For those of you who are new to spinning as part of a Group X class or have some newly purchased wind trainers take a look at Women’s Health Magazine’s primer on mastering the stationary bike.

Remember, those first couple of classes or days at home will not only make your muscles sore, but sitting down may also be a chore as you get used to your “seat” on the bike. If you need, just take 10 minutes to spin lightly on yours off days so that you get used to sitting in the saddle.

For some visual motivation to remind you of all the beautiful places a bicycle may take you, check out Cycling the Alps and imagine the wind in your hair as you head down the mountain then head jump on the bike and power out.



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