Move of the Month: Meet the Trainer, Erica Ziel

Our April move of the month – a balanced squat with arm presses – is sure to give you a multi-muscle workout if your form is right. This move, along with many other integrated move options are available from Erica on Knocked-Up Fitness website. This brief interview lets us know more about about Erica and her training style.

How long have you been training clients? 

I have been training clients for over 7 years.

What do you love most about being a fitness professional?

I love being able to teach others how to live a healthy lifestyle & love who they are!

How do you define fitness success?

Forget the number on the scale & focus on what’s more important, your Health! If you aren’t living a healthy lifestyle then who cares what size you are? You could be the skinniest person around, but that doesn’t make you healthy, in fact, quite the opposite. It’s what I like to call “skinny fat”!

I’d rather see someone have a couple extra lbs or curves on them, be healthy, fit, and loving life! Cardio/spending countless hours burning calorie after calorie will only get you so far, don’t be afraid of lifting those weights (especially you ladies out there). You’re not going to bulk up (it’s just not gonna happen unless you make it happen). Yes, some women tend to gain muscle easier than others but that’s how your body is designed, you should love it!

Muscle is the new “skinny”, show of your hard work in the gym by sporting those rock hard muscles! Eat to fuel your body, not to just fit into those skinny jeans; maybe your wearing the wrong size to start with.

When your post-pregnancy clients get frustrated, what advice do you share to keep them motivated?

Quoted from a client of mine about the best advice I have given her to stay motivated. “Your overall attitude! Always asking what I’m doing for a workout, & pushing me through workouts [with you], but also seeing when I’m at a breaking point. The positive non-cheerleader attitude when I’m frustrated at myself & my progress…Your suggestions to try things outside the box (ritual cleanse & going gluten free). Reminding me I’m not the same person I used to be, that I just need to figure out what’s best for who I am now [a mom]. And to keep on, keeping on. What I like most is your real & honest support. I could keep going….” That sums it up!

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