Posture Pointers: The Ultimate Guide To Good Posture

Regardless of how much weight you’re lifting, how many classes you’re taking, or how many personal records you’re making – if your posture isn’t on point throughout your day, it will detract from all of your efforts.

So, this “Guide to Good Posture” is the first in a series of posts focusing on “posture pointers” that will keep you standing tall and feeling great.


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4 thoughts on “Posture Pointers: The Ultimate Guide To Good Posture”

  1. Love the graphics. How do you do those? We are huge fans of good posture (we have a full series on it), so we hope you gets lots of attention for this post.

  2. The infographic is from The Greatist – they have some really fun ones about all kinds of things. I’m big on posture as well and in an upcoming post, refer to your zipper technique in one of the posture pointers posts. Your series is great!

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