Take A Healthy March Into Spring

Whenever I hear Colonel Hathi’s March from “The Jungle Book” it’s hard not to march my feet in time with the elephant patrol and since we all know how I love a good play on words, I want us all to take a “healthy March into Spring.”

I am therefore introducing some new features this month that will not only provide information to add new energy to your workouts, but also to your healthy meal planning; these are:

  • The Monday Munchies – every Monday, I’ll be posting a new snack idea from nutritionists, food bloggers, or one of my own to give you some new options as you look to eat on-the-go.
  • The Move of the Month – If you’re looking for some innovative workout moves to add to your routine, you’ll enjoy this feature. Every month, I will introduce you to a dynamic personal trainer and showcase a signature move. We’ll also learn more about the personal trainer as he or she share insights into staying healthy through exercise.

I will also be holding some fun contests. The first, to celebrate Katherine Reutter going into the World Short Track Championships ranked #1, and the second is a bento contest to promote healthy eating.

With the first day of Spring only weeks away let’s all get excited about more daylight hours which means more time outdoors. When Spring arrives, let’s enjoy bike riding, inline skating, sailing, water skiing, hiking – you name it – and then get up the following day and do the next thing we love.

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