Who Are The Faces Of “Itness”?

We talk about “it” women and men in the media.

We ask if people have what “it” takes.

We are in search of “it” even when we’re not quite certain what that means.

What would change about our outlook if we realized and accepted we had “it” all along?

 It’s time to stop focusing on something elusive and almost impossible to define.

It’s time to stop measuring ourselves against unrealistic ideals.

It is time, instead, to celebrate that “it” no longer needs to be at arms reach.

It was within us from the start.

Words to Sweat by is proud to introduce a new blog series titled Faces of “Itness” which will showcase people who demonstrate that health and fitness (“itness”) come in all shapes and sizes, as well as methods, goals, and accomplishments.

Those included in the series will share stories that highlight everyday beauty, health, resilience, transformation, strength, acceptance, and compassion.

Who Will Be Included In The Faces Of “Itness”?

The launch of the series will bring you stories from:

  1. Michelle McCullogh (Startup Princess)
  2. Kristin Schaffer (FigureAndBikini.org)
  3. Lisa Hickey (Good Men Project)
  4. Jewel Figueras (Jewel’s Fab Life)
  5. Heather Novak (Live Your Love Out Loud)
  6. Marci Warhaft-Nadler (Fit vs. Fiction)
  7. Jenn Walters (Fit Bottomed Girls™)
  8. Charlotte Andersen  (The Great Fitness Experiment)
  9. Heidi Barajas (BodySmart Fitness)
  10. Sheri Chen (Happy Little Bento)
  11. Sheila Viers (Live Well 360)
  12. CJ Brasiel (Talk to CJ)
  13. John Bingham (JohnBingham.com)
  14. Emily Sanford (Skinny Emmie) and more…

And these stories are only the beginning.

Who Can Be Featured As A Face Of “Itness”?

While many of the people above are already known for being dedicated to health and fitness, a Face of “Itness” is anyone who has found a level of  life balance that includes health and fitness as a priority in the long term.

The goal of this series is to have hundreds of features creating a diverse collection of stories that will inspire and motivate anyone in need of a small pick me up (or large kick in the pants) to get and stay back on track with their goals.

If you’d like to be featured, submit your story here.




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