Top 6 Reasons The SKLZ AccuStrap Is Better Than A Lacrosse Ball

When the concept for this post first came to me, the benefits of the SKLZ AccuStrap over a basic lacrosse ball were so straightforward I had an Ally McBeal alternate reality moment.

In it, I was watching an inf0mercial that starred a gym-goer from the 80s struggling to use a lacrosse ball to release some knots in his back.

He was a Dolphin shorts, polo t-shirt, terry cloth headband-wearing moustachioed man with a goofy smile.

It’s a constant loop of him trying and failing to use the lacrosse ball then the far too big, sans serif font screams at me, “Trouble finding THE spot?”


Fortunately I snapped back to reality and remembered sage advice a former colleague gave me: One can never go wrong stating the obvious.

So here goes: When you see the price difference of the SKLZ AccuStrap (retail: $ 29.99) versus a lacrosse ball from a used equipment store (typically around $3.00), the price difference alone will have you thinking, “Why bother?”

The answer: Because this is the multi-tool for massage and stretching.

How Is The SKLZ AccuStrap Better Than A Lacrosse Ball?

So how does the SKLZ AccuStrap beat using a lacrosse ball hands down every time? Let me count the ways!

Reason #1:The AccuStrap is the multi-tool for massage and stretching.

I realize I mentioned this above, but it warrants an explanation. The design of the AccuStrap provides a compact, all-in-one version of your self massage tools (golf and lacrosse balls, as well as a mini foam roller) and stretching tools (yoga strap with a D-ring). And those are only the first three I can think of offhand.

Reason #2: The AccuStrap takes away guesswork of finding “the” spot.

How many times have you stood by a wall and contorted yourself to place the lacrosse ball properly? Then, after finally getting it close to where you’d hoped, you now have to focus on keeping enough pressure on the ball against the wall so that  it won’t fall to the floor.

With the AccuStrap, you are able to move the ball along the strap wherever you’d like it to give you enough length to hold the strap while you place the ball, then lean up against the wall. No more twisting into awkward positions hoping to get it right the first time.

(Don’t worry, I’ll call the circus and let them know you won’t be auditioning for the “Incredible Flexi-Person” they were hoping to cast.)

Reason #3: The AccuStrap offers a ‘no-hands’ option.

You can hang the strap from a secure point and then the move the ball up and down so the ball is available for various points on your chest or shoulders.

Good posture and form will help you to get some of the more difficult areas which is hard to do, once again, when your first focus is hoping the lacrosse ball won’t fall down.

Reason #4: The AccuStrap allows for mini reflexology sessions.

No more just standing and rolling the ball around awkwardly hoping to put enough pressure to release the tension in your feet.

You can use the AccuStrap standing up or sitting down. If you do want to work your feet while standing, the grooves in the AccuStrap’s outer ball will contribute to a more effective rolling.

When you’re sitting down, you can hold the strap on either side and hit any place on your foot using variable pressure by pulling with your arms.

Reason #5: The AccuStrap lets your inner yogini out.

The strap on the AccuStrap is both sturdy enough and long enough that you can use it like you would any yoga strap in chest, shoulder, and hip openers. It’s super easy to use it for postures like Urdhva Hastasana and Dandasana, just to name a couple.

Reason #6: The AccuStrap plays nicely with your workout bag or luggage.

Not only could you use the AccuStrap to wrap around your yoga mat and carry it to class (then do a little trigger point release afterwards), but you can also use it to keep things tidy when going to the gym or traveling.

Use the AccuStrap like you would any “tie” or even to replace the little zipper cube keeping certain outfits or shoes strapped together. It’s so compact it takes up no extra room.

For the above top six reasons the lacrosse ball has been relegated to the back of the drawer and the AccuStrap has taken the prime spot in my gym bag.

The Final Score:  AccuStrap: 6, Lacrosse ball: Zero.  


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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