Fitness Jewelry: Workout Mantra Wrap Bracelet – ROAR

Fitness Jewelry - Wrap Bracelet with Mantra ROARFitness jewelry inspiration can strike at any point during the day and people watching at the gym is always a great place for new ideas.

Not only do I pay close attention to my surroundings, but I will also chat sometimes with people in the functional training area about the things they’re doing both to learn from them and also, just to add some humor to our day.

Last week, I was joking with someone about how doing medicine ball slams is a great way to vent your anger and one of the personal trainers piped in with his own humorous take by asking, “Do you have a battle cry?”

And we all had a good chuckle.

As I was waking away though, I thought to myself, “What a good question.”

So I ask you: Do you have that energy that let’s you work out any issues that walked into the gym with you? Do you take the negative energy that may be hanging over your head and use it to get in a great workout so that you can leave feel emotionally lighter?

Do you have a battle cry?

If not, finding one may be the difference between a good workout and a great one.

Go ahead and roar.

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