Wrapspiration™ Bracelets Let You Wrap Your Aspirations Around Your Wrist

It’s no secret that words are powerful tools to keep our mind and body focused on our goals, which is why motivational mantras have been at the core of Words to Sweat by’s business for five years now.

Currently Words to Sweat by fitness jewelry mantras range from serious to sassy and various sentiments in between.

What I haven’t done yet, is bracelets specific to the aspirational or “bucket list” events or races that fuel the very reasons why you train. The event or race you dream about on a daily basis and plan to conquer when the time is right.

So now you can wrap your aspirations around your wrist with Words to Sweat by’s new Wrapspiration™ bracelets!

Wrapspiration™ bracelets build on Words to Sweat by original workout wrap bracelet and the very event or race you’re training for is hand stamped on a sturdy, non-tarnish aluminum charm attaching it to or layering it over the wrap.

This is a custom wrap bracelet that allows for a variety of word configurations so ask for something short and sweet, or as detailed as you’d like helping what was once an aspiration become an accomplishment!

Looking for ideas? The notebook graphic above showcases a variety of examples of how you might fashion your Wrapspiration™. Your word choices will determine the charm size and I will work with you to create a charm that best reflects your goal.

So it’s time to go back to that list and brainstorm which of your goals should become a permanent fixture wrapped around your wrist,  then step into the Words to Sweat by shop and purchase one of your very own.

Tell me more: What aspirational event or race will you wrap around your wrist?

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