5 Tips For A Healthy Holiday

The holidays are upon us, and since health is the greatest gift, a healthy holiday is the happiest kind. Why not focus on your own health during this typically overindulgent season? You can still enjoy so much of the festivities, including the occasional dessert – but you’ll also provide balance, prevent weight game and possibly even drop a few pounds. Ready to get started?

From November 1 through January 2, just apply these 5 healthy holiday tips:

1. Stay Physical

Schedule one additional 30-40 minute aerobic session per week in addition to your current workout regimen. This can be walking, running, swimming, biking, elliptical, treadmill, rowing machine, a fitness class… The choice is yours, just schedule it.

2. Sip it Green

Incorporate a Green Juice or Green Smoothie three times per week as a replacement for either breakfast or lunch. There are tons of recipes on-line to choose from; here’s a link to one of my favorites that captures seasonal flavor, Vegan Pumpkin Green Smoothie. If you do powerful workouts, add a boost of protein powder to your drink. You can always juice your three-day supply on Sundays and freeze in Mason Jars, so you can just grab and go throughout the week.

3. Chew Your Food

It should take at least 20-30 minutes to consume a meal – otherwise you’re basically swallowing your food in large chunks. Not only is this hard on your digestion (think gas and bloating), but it also results in overeating. Slow it down by chewing each bite completely (chew to “mush” consistency) and put that fork down at least twice during the meal and count to 30 before taking that next bite.

4. Snack’n For Real

Plan and shop for your snacks in advance with your regular grocery shopping – and shoot for a one week supply. Concentrate on as many whole foods as possible (fruits, veges, and small amounts of nuts and seeds). When purchasing packaged snacks, only choose those that are completely preservative-free, are nutrient dense, and don’t contain any added sugar (that includes no agave). Take a look at the ingredients in my Blueberry-Orange Coconut Crackers as an example.

5. Holiday Health Rewards

This last tip is all about that extra motivation to keep you thinking healthy during the holidays! Write down four gifts you really want – things that fit your budget –and reward yourself every two weeks from November 1 – January 2, as long as you’ve diligently followed tips one through 4. Now that helps make the holidays even happier, doesn’t it?

Following these 5 tips will help keep you healthier and happier during the holiday season – and you’ll start off the new year way ahead of where you would have been!

This was a guest post by Dena Mangiamele, CEO, Dena’s Fuel for Fitness (denasfuelforfitness.com

Dena is a vegan health and fitness enthusiast whose company – Dena’s Fuel for Fitness – creates raw & vegan snack foods designed for maximum nutrition and taste.

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