gFit Friday: Must-Have Equipment For An In-House Workout

Regardless of whether its the weather or your mood – sometimes it’s hard to get out to the gym during the Winter months. It’s therefore important to have some indoor options that will allow you to keep moving when you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your own home.

Equipment Must-Haves For Your Home

What are the best items to have if you want to get in a good workout at home? Here are my recommendations:

  1. A yoga mat for all your core work and stretching.
  2. A set of resistance bands of varying strength for different exercises.
  3. A good fitness DVD. Pay close attention that the workout offered in this DVD is aligned with your goals and fitness level. For example, if you are new to exercise or have just taken a long lay off, don’t go out and get P90X. This series of workouts is too high of intensity, without a good fitness base.

Stretching is crucial to any effective workout and you should include stretching as part of your warm-up and warm-down Here are some key muscle groups you should target: piriformis, IT band, hamstrings, calves, lower back, and lats. If you wan to become more familiar with these muscle groups, do a quick search online.

Resistance bands will allow you to do any traditional exercises you can do at the gym. Standing curls (biceps), shoulder press (deltoids), twists with straight arms (core), lateral slides with tubing around feet (quadriceps), standing rows (back), standing press (pectoralis). If you are not familiar with the bands, pick up a DVD to learn more about how to use them.

Now, lets talk about exercise DVDs. There are plenty of choices, so which one is right for you? Consider these factors:

  1. What is your primary goal?
  2. What part of the body do you want to focus on?
  3. How much time a week will you designate to your workout?

For those of you who are working on a budget or prefer to try before you buy, there are a variety of low-cost options available to you: borrow one from the library, rent one from Netflix (or, even better, use their streaming feature), or do a DVD swap with your friends to keep it fresh.

In-home workouts are a great option when you’re pressed for time or if the weather makes it difficult to get outside. With these three key items, you’ll be set to continue working on your fitness goals.

Your fitness expert,
Garret Jones, CEO, G-Fit personal training

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  1. The article was fairly obvious, but it brought in some very good points about careful consideration when embarking on a home fitness workout. Thanks for the tips, keep em coming!

  2. Erin – Thank you for your comment. We thought it best to start with the basics so that we can build from there. What questions would you like to see Garret answer? We will address them in a future post.

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