3 Motivational Tips To Overcome The Workout Blues

Did your workout motivation hitch a ride recently? Who wants to workout when the couch, a cup of hot something, and a good book or movie are probably calling to you sweetly, are they not?

The workout blues happen to almost everyone, so here are three motivational tips that should help you get some exercise even when the Snuggie is calling.

Motivation Tip #1: Don’t over think your workout!

It’s easy to let your mind get the best of you instead of letting your body do the moving. It’s a loop of seemingly reasonable self talk – you’re missing the clothing you need and you don’t want to be uncomfortable, you really want to run, but the treadmills are always packed, you would feel rushed because you’re tight on time.

Any of those sound familiar?

To avoid this internal dialogue, not only should you keep a bucket of accessories near the door so that you’ve got workout gear alternatives, but be more flexible with your workout plans.

Treadmills are all taken? Challenge yourself on the Stepmill or put the elliptical trainer on a steep incline instead and you’ll break a sweat faster than you can press “quick start.”

Weight room is packed? Find a corner near the stretching area or part of a basketball court that isn’t being used and do some functional training with resistance bands, medicine balls, and your own body weight. Two days later, you’ll reach for something in the cupboard and feel sore in places you didn’t know existed.

Housework is calling? Just press play on the DVD and start stepping. The loathsome house chore here can wait 45 minutes while you finish the routine and cool down.  Oh and after you finish that dreaded chore, you’ll sleep really well that night.

Don’t over think your workout. Just get dressed and get going.

Motivation Tip #2: Train with a purpose.

This tip is a first cousin to the “set a goal” recommendation you’ve probably seen before. What’s the difference? Training with a purpose means choosing something special to your emotional well-being and finding a way to contribute to it while also logging your workout time.

The Team In Training program is a great option, but not everyone has the time or resources to train or fund raise at that level.  So why not pick a local community organization and design your own fundraiser that will keep you motivated to move during these Winter months? You could hold a kick-a-thon at your dojo, a dance off with your group exercise friends, or have people pledge a certain amount if you finish a local 5k.

When you train with a purpose, motivation may come more easily, because it’s not just you who is benefiting from your workout. It’s a great way to honor your body, your mind, and your heart.

Motivation Tip #3: Limit your time online.

How many times have you logged on to read or comment on ‘just one thing’ and found yourself caught in the vortex that is the interwebs? Add the previously mentioned hot cup of something and the comfy couch and it’s ‘goodbye workout, hello web surfing.’

The internet is an amazing resource, but when being online gets in the way of your health and fitness goals, it’s time to reassess. Do you really have to read or comment on all of the blogs in your RSS feed or could you cut back, or even just lurk a little, instead of actively participating?

If it’s hard to step away, set a timer so that you don’t lose track of time and when the ding bell goes off, step away from the computer even if you’re mid-whatever.  The internet is 24/7 and will be there when you get back from your workout.

Ditch the Slippers, Don the Sneakers

You don’t have to fall into a workout rut. When the workout blues start to take hold, try any of the above motivational tips and you’re sure to get back on track.

Sound off: What additional tips would you add to this list? Leave a comment with your suggestions!

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