Follow Charlie Hope’s Reminder: I Can!

While the CPSIA is a terrible law that has wreaked havoc on many small businesses, there is some good that has come of being involved in trying to have it amended: I met wonderful people. Even though I am not as active as I once was in the CPSIA amendment efforts, I have stayed in touch with more than a handful of people and because of one of these connections, I was recently introduced to the wonderful music of Charlie Hope.

When you check out her website, you’ll see her music is not targeted for the older set (although I’ve never argued with those who claim I’m a kid at heart), but several of her songs ring true for any age listener.

The song most applicable to this month’s mantras is “I can!” While the whole song is a subtle reminder of the power of our bodies, the lyrics that resonate most with me are these:

I can reach up high, grab a piece of the sky and bring it back to you.

I have feet as fast as lightning bolts in a storm.

In hearing her sing those two lines, I get a distinct visual of what a body CAN do, not what it can’t. As we move toward a goal – especially one related to our physical health – it’s easy to get caught up in what we haven’t accomplished instead of what our bodies are capable of doing.

The song may be intended for small children learning how their bodies work, but even adults need to remember how fortunate we are to have bodies we can move and to ‘grab a piece of the sky’ whenever we have the chance.

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