Jamie Lee Curtis Teaches Us All A Self-Esteem Lesson

Forget fortune cookies at your daily wisdom – I’m going to stick with children’s music and books. This time, it’s from Jamie Lee Curtis’s book I’m Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem where we’re reminded:

“I’m gonna like me ’cause I’m loved and I know it, and liking myself is the best way to show it.”

Every time I read that line, I’m impressed with how succintly she put a concept that so many people grapple with as they get caught up in negative self-talk and feelings.

So as I was mulling over this post someone tweeted (sadly, I cannot remember who) a post from Medicinal Marzipan’s July 2009 archives about learning to love your body regardless of size which provides some great insights into the battles people often face with their self-image and also some wise recommendations on how to move toward loving your shape instead harboring negative feelings about your body.

Since Medicinal Marzipan captured so many of the concepts I intended to address the only recommendation I have is that when you’re done reading the post, if you haven’t yet read I’m Gonna Like Me, stop by your local library and read through it. Regardless of age, anyone can benefit from the book’s message.

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  1. I haven’t read that book yet but I will definitely take a look. Thanks for letting me know about the book and about @WritingRunner.

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