Let Go Of Perfect And Get In The Picture

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid

The holiday season is drawing near, and with it come the (often dreaded) holiday pictures.

For people on a quest to get healthy and lose weight, the thought of having pictures taken can often create a level of anxiety that has them opting out all together.

Even for those who have achieved the level of fitness they want, many fall prey to believing that pictures showcase their flaws instead of their beauty.

But who really wins when we strive to be picture perfect?

No one. Not our children. Not our families. And certainly not us.

We miss enjoying the fun, crazy, and even annoying moments that create memories and bring us closer to our loved ones.

So, to help shift the thinking that it’s better to run in the opposite direction when the lens is pointed your way, I want to share these two posts:

1. The Myth of the After Picture by Lori Deschene of Tiny Buddha – to remind you that while it’s great to have goals of physical achievement they can also be debilitating and keep us in the ever-elusive “someday” instead of enjoying and engaging in the present moment.

2. The Mom Stays In the Picture by Allison Tate – which is a first-hand account of why one woman has decided she will no longer miss the opportunity to capture permanent moments in time with her family.

It’s time to let go of “perfect” and get in the picture.


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