Mantra of the Month: Strength. Compassion. Peace.

Not only does the Words to Sweat By site have a fresh new look and structure but the blog content is also starting anew.

What isn’t going to change is the overall structure of the content. Each month, I am going to use a Words to Sweat By mantra as the focal point for that month’s content. I will talk about topics, products, and people that I feel demonstrate the sentiment of the mantra.

With all that’s happened in the world recently, I felt it best to start with the mantra “Strength. Compassion. Peace.” In practicing this mantra, we’re reminded not only to be strong for ourselves, but also to look outside of ourselves to help those around us.

I therefore find myself focusing most on the “compassion” element of this mantra, especially in light of the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. The efforts being made to help these communities range from worldwide to a single household but no matter the size of the effort, the goal is the same – to help those who are in dire need of our assistance. In caring for those in need of our help, we attempt to bring peace to devastated communities.

“Strength. Compassion. Peace.” They’re all so intricately connected, are they not?

So, what does this mantra mean to you?

1 thought on “Mantra of the Month: Strength. Compassion. Peace.”

  1. Love this mantra. So many people equate strength with power. But balancing it with compassion is really the yin to it’s yang that brings the peace.

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