Mantra of the Month: Take it all in stride.

This month’s mantra, “Take it all in stride” is one of the double-entendre towels and applicable to our physical and emotional health as we move into Spring across the nation.

As the mantra relates to our physical health, it reminds us is a time enjoy the longer days (thank you daylight savings!) and find our stride with a light walk or run. Spring and summer also means the weekends offer a variety of events that benefit important charities and let you challenge yourself with a walk, run, or ride in the distance of your choice.

As the mantra relates to our emotional health, while many associate this time with lazy days, for some families, it is a very busy (and stressful) time with athletic events, summer camps, and vacations. It is therefore also important to “take it all in stride” and remember to breathe it all in and enjoy all of the beauty that surrounds us – in nature, in our family, and in our friends.

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  1. What fun outdoor events are going on for walkers or runners in your area? Would be interested to post about them or if you post about something let me know and I will include it in a round-up post.

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