Mantra of the Month: Whatever you do, don’t hold your breath

“Whatever you do, don’t hold your breath” is the mantra for the month of May because I have been using it a lot lately over the past week.

Several business-related events transpired all at once last week leaving me behaving more like a lawyer and less like a entrepreneur continuing to build her business and her brand.

As I sat determining the best approach and language to use in the various correspondences, I found myself with a furrowed brow and lungs that were barely moving. There was just enough shallow nose breathing to ensure that I that I wouldn’t fall head first onto the computer keyboard, but not enough to be giving my body what it needed throughout the day.

While ‘focusing on one’s breath’ is often attributed to yoga practice these days, it is not a new concept to exercisers, athletes, and every day folk everywhere. Without taking in enough oxygen, your body can’t do it’s best work, period.

So this month, I hope to feature different approaches to managing the very things that make us hold our breath – day-to-day stress, muscle exertion, you name it.

What suggestions do you have to ensure that you take in enough air throughout the day?

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