Motivational Fitness Jewelry and Humorous Fitness Apparel

What Is Words to Sweat by?

If you are looking for motivational fitness jewelry or humorous fitness apparel that provide inspiration to get you up off the couch or to help you push through those last minutes of your workout then Words to Sweat by has something for you to fuel your fitness goals.

We offer a variety of products that appeal to people of all athletic inclinations – from the novice to the elite, the recreational to the competitive.

With the Words to Sweat by motivational mantra jewelry and apparel, we want to provide a reminder to take your workout seriously, but not take your goals so seriously you lose sight of the fun you can have while getting there.

Fitness Jewelry & Humorous Fitness Apparel For Everyone!

Words to Sweat by motivational fitness jewelry and humorous fitness apparel includes original and exclusive designs.

In the Summer of 2012, Words to Sweat by designed and offered the first-ever workout motivation wrap bracelet and there are mantras for people of all athletic inclinations. This mantra wrap bracelet features no clasps that will catch on your clothes and the super soft jersey wrap will move with you and not rub or be uncomfortable while you’re working out. It also provides continued motivation throughout your day making your fitness goals fashionable!

In addition to the workout motivation mantra wrap bracelets, Words to Sweat by fitness jewelry collection also includes: running necklaces, Crossfit-inspired necklaces, weightlifting necklaces, yoga necklaces, and daily motivation necklaces.

Words to Sweat by also offers apparel for adults and children. The Original Words Mantra collection provides daily motivation to stay focused on your fitness goals. The Use Your Words™ collection provides sassy health and fitness motivation out of the mouths of babes. This collection offers original and exclusive graphic designs and sassy mantras that draw from pop culture.

It’s motivational fitness jewelry and humorous fitness apparel for everyone!