Monday Munchies: 100 Calories Is The Magic Snack Number

Three has been the “magic number” for Schoolhouse Rock fans for the longest time, but apparently there is a new number in town. For those looking to stay healthy but still incorporate snacks throughout their day, 100 has become the new favorite.

Plenty of mainstream food brands offer their 100 calorie “snack packs” but you can just grab some fresh fruits or veggies in the right portions and create magic of your own.

100_calorie_snack_numberI compiled some of the 100 calories snack suggestions from around the web for you to peruse and decide which will work best with your day:

What is your favorite 100 calorie snack?

1 thought on “Monday Munchies: 100 Calories Is The Magic Snack Number”

  1. Why is 100 the magic number? Perhaps because it’s simple, nice and well-rounded? I do like it though, because if I’m extra hungry and I eat two packs and not feel too guilty! I do need to create some of my own snack packs. I haven’t bought any for a while–just grab a handful of almonds and call it good!

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