Monday Munchies: An Easy Way To Buy Snacks Online

June is just days away which means even more time outdoors. To stay energized it’s great to have a variety of snacks that you are able to keep in a small tote or cooler that you can easily store in the car. That way, if a hike in the hills is calling you’ll have some food on-hand to munch and crunch.

Depending on your climate, it’s important to pack snacks that won’t melt from the heat of the car or get ruined somehow.  I try to pack dried fruits and nuts, crackers, pretzels – you name it. I am always on the lookout for a fun, new snack however, which is why it was fun to find the Snack Warehouse which has a large variety of well categorized options.

I haven’t ordered from them yet, so I don’t know about their delivery timing or customer service, but the site is easy to navigate and they have a really diverse selection.

Check them out, and if you order something, let me know how you find the experience.

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