Breathing Tips: Fostering Healthy Relationships

This month’s mantra is meant to be a positive reminder to breathe during our workout and during our day. On those days where the gray cloud seems to stay overhead, however, “Whatever you do, don’t hold your breath” can turn sarcastic, biting even. It eats at us – a reminder that whatever or whomever we are waiting on is not going to come through with what we need.

It is at these exact moments that we turn to our friends to help get us out of the rut – but what do we do when it’s those very people who are letting us down?

Emily’s (@emihill) post contemplating how and when to let go of unhealthy relationships reminded me about how our daily interactions (or lack thereof) often inhibit our ability to breathe. We’re so busy playing through the different scenarios in our head that we may even forget to take the truly deep breaths we need to find clarity.

It is essential to continue to foster relationships that bring you comfort and joy so if you find yourself in the same predicament as Emily (as we all have) then remember, literally, not to hold your breath. Decide when enough is a enough and step away in order to devote your energy and your breath to those who value you as much as you value them.

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