Coconut Oil Is A Natural Temperature Gauge

I use coconut oil for a variety of things – both topical (goodbye itchy bug bites) and cooking-related (have you tried these deelicious spelt flour cookies?).

It has also been a running joke for a while now about how hot the house must be once the tub of coconut oil goes from solid to liquid form. And the San Jose area is known for having very hot Summers, so I was prepared for the oil staying liquified for me until Fall.

But I looked over one day recently and found the above jar of oil had gone back to its previously solid form which meant that the house temperature had cooled and I wanted to know just how much.

So I looked up the melting temperature of coconut oil and learned that it’s 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, I realize this isn’t an exact science, but it is a good visual to understand just how hot the inside of the house may be (in literal degrees of comfort).

Coconut oil wins again!

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