Improve Your Mood: If I Were Thinner…

I have had the idea around the “improve your mood” series percolating for a while now. The point of this series? In order to improve one’s mood a person must tackle the phrases that are too often used to spiral her into negative self talk.

Of these phrases, “if I were thinner…” is one of the top five. This magical thinking that the size of one’s pants (enough with the “skinny jeans” already) determines her worth has sent far too many women into destructive patterns. Some women harm themselves physically while others beat themselves up emotionally. And where does this leave a person but feeling helpless and out of control? This is not a good foundation for health and happiness.

This quest for the perfect weight is also taking its toll on young girls as Hugo Schwyzer writes in his article about young girls having ‘the right to expect more if they were thinner.’

So what do we do? We change how we talk to ourselves inwardly and how we talk about ourselves with our family and friends. As Joanna Sutter writes in her post “You are what we repeat” – turn the negative talk on its head and create a plan of action. Better to live in what you can do instead of living in the “if only” world. And when creating your plan of action – make it realistic. The quest for the “bikini body” or “summer body” is another set-up.

Instead of “if I were thinner” why not think about the things you can do, the things for which you are grateful? If you were to do this, I imagine your day, and your mood, will improve in a matter of minutes.

What have you done lately for which you are grateful or proud? Go ahead, brag a little in the comments below and we’ll do a virtual high five to celebrate all of the good things we have in our lives.

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