Reach Your Goals Using Mental Toughness

It’s February, the month where we hear about how many people’s New Year’s resolutions have lost steam and have been put on the back burner or extinguished completely.

But why not instead look at the people who continue to persevere? Who look at the obstacles and create solutions?

And what separates the people who power through the difficulties from those who hang up their workout shoes?

A recent post by Valerie Latona talked about how mental toughness is the secret to success and she details five key concepts in being mentally tough:

  1. You’ve got to believe in yourself.
  2. See yourself reaching the finish line.
  3. Put in the right amount of prep time.
  4. Break out of your comfort zone more often.
  5. Don’t fear failure.

Each of these applies to anyone’s health and fitness goals regardless of whether it’s the most elite athlete training for a race or someone who just bought a pair of runners in the hopes of getting back into shape. And while each of the concepts is important, the fear of failure is what stops most people in their tracks and keeps them getting close to the other four.

So, trip over you feet, fall flat on your face, get back up, and try again.

You are tough enough.

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