Share Your Accomplishments On Stick (It) To Your Workout Wednesday

Words to Sweat by reusable snack bag

Words to Sweat by: Reusable Snack Bag

The New Year is only days away. How did your workouts fare this year?

Did you make sure to cross train and try new things doing ‘some of this and some of that’ or did you stick with the couple of things you love best?

How will you finish strong in 2010?

As I mentioned two weeks ago, this post will be a regular, weekly feature and I look forward to hearing how you’ve been sticking (it) to your workout!

Please share your fitness accomplishments as a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Share Your Accomplishments On Stick (It) To Your Workout Wednesday”

  1. I’m sticking with my weekly workout, treadmill running 3 times this week already, body strength tonight, 1 more running, elliptical & body strength to finish my weekly routine!!!!

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