Root For Reutter: Countdown to Worlds Contest (Day 1)

Katherine Reutter's Words to Sweat by

Katherine Reutter is ranked #1 as she goes into the World Championships this weekend. We’re extremely proud to sponsor her and therefore want to acknowledge this wonderful accomplishment. We are therefore holding a “Countdown to Worlds” contest throughout this week to celebrate Katherine and show her how much support she has as she skates to take the top spots in her events.

As always, we like to have fun here at Words to Sweat by, so we’re going to pose a question to you, her fans, about Katherine for an entry to win a World-Class Words towel with her mantra every day this week.

But wait, there’s more! Katherine has an impressive 2800+ fans on Facebook and 2600+ followers on Twitter, so we know that not only will her fans come out to comment, but they’re be sure to tell their friends. For this reason, we also want to offer a grand prize  based on how much noise we can make in support of Katherine by spreading the word online. If we reach a total of  300 comments throughout the course of the countdown, the grand prize will be an, “If you rest, you rust” towel with not only Katherine’s signature, but also as many World Championship speed skating signatures as Katherine can get before the season ends.

So let’s get started!

Since a good warm-up is always necessary before a race, we’re going to start with an easy question and they’ll get more difficult the closer we get to the competition.

Question of the Day: What is Katherine’s favorite food?

Contest Rules

  • To enter the contest, leave a comment with your answer below the post with your answer to that day’s question.
  • Only one entry, per person, per day. More than one entry per person per day will result in disqualification.
  • This contest is open to fans worldwide. Void where prohibited.
  • Each winner will be chosen using a random number generator from the entries with the correct answer for each day of the countdown.
  • Winners will be selected and announced on March 14th, 2011.
  • Winners will be notified via email and given 24 hours to respond therefore please leave a valid email so that you can be contacted if you are the selected winner.
  • The grand prize will be awarded if the prize requirement of 300 or more total comments is met.
  • The grand prize winner will be selected from the total number of entries throughout the countdown using a random number generator. If you have entered a valid answer each day of the countdown, you will have five (5) entries in the grand prize drawing.


45 thoughts on “Root For Reutter: Countdown to Worlds Contest (Day 1)”

  1. Wow! such energy requires lots of carbs. Katherine likes that good old staple of struggling athletes, cheese and macaroni. Hope it’s her favorite!

  2. Well, if its sweets, then it is chocolate. But if it is food then Mac and Cheese. So I go with Mac and Cheese because that is more a food and chocolate is a sweet or desert!

  3. I’m going out on a limb with sushi, but I know a Red Robin cheeseburger is a secret fav too!

  4. I don’t know her favorite food but whatever it is must be fortified with “courage, desire, and discipline”

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