Words to Sweat By™ (WTSB) products are designed, developed, and predominantly manufactured by Whimsical Walney in San Jose, CA.

Each towel is appliqued with an original mantra that is meant to motivate you while you strive to reach your health and fitness goals. The necklaces and bracelets are hand stamped on aluminum and paired with a jersey cuff or silver ball necklace and bead charm.

Earth-friendly Packaging

Each WTSB towel or snack bag is packaged in a drawstring organza bag both to create zero-waste packaging as well as allow for easy gift giving. We recommend that you reuse the bag as a holder for some sweet-smelling potpourri, for small travel goodies, or a for a child’s treasure keeper.

How To Use The Towel

Most people purchase a WTSB towel for use at their favorite gym, yoga, or pilates studio. Others have found creative uses for them as well, however, and find them to be great conversation pieces in a guest bathroom or kitchen, or even used as a burp cloth!

Gym Towel Care Instructions

Each towel is standard cotton terry cloth with a cotton fabric applique and measures 16 x 27. Some towels may feel rough to the touch when pulled out of the packaging because they have not been pre-washed to ensure that you, the buyer, are able to wash in your detergent of choice in case there are any allergic reactions to certain types of washing solutions.

Make sure to pre-wash the towel before its first use.

The towel should not be bleached and should be washed in cold or warm water. You can throw it in the dryer as you would any of your other towels.

How to Use the Reusable Snack Bags

The reusable snack bags are a great way to pack your favorite snacks and keep them with you while you’re on the go. These are a wonderful alternative to single-use plastic baggies. It is important to note tow things, however,

  1. They are water resistant, not water proof. If you throw in some grapes that are still wet from washing, you should be fine. If your peeled orange slices gets smashed enough to draw juice and it isn’t noticed for a while, though, some of that liquid may seep through.
  2. The seal is not air tight therefore it is not recommended that food be left in them for days at a time. Something like almonds is typically fine for several days, but if you use it as a sandwich bag it’s best that you pack the food the day you intend to eat it.

Reusable Snack Bag Care Instructions

The snack bags are 100% cotton and ripstop nylon with a hook and loop closure. The best way to care for them is to turn them inside out and wipe them with a damp cloth. They can also be thrown in the washer and washed with regular detergent (no bleach) on a cold cycle and air dried.


If you have any additional questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.

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