Small Business Saturday: Think Globally, Act Locally And Help End Hunger


I’m not a “foodie,” but to look through my Whimsical Walney Instagram feed, you might think differently. I regularly post photos of fresh produce, smoothie concoctions, and home cooked meals.

If food isn’t a real focus of mine, then why do I post so many photos of it? Because food is fuel and in order to be our best, we need to keep the tank full. At the very core of Words to Sweat by’s brand is taking good care of your body through healthy eating and healthy moving.

But not everyone has this luxury – going to a store filled with beautiful fresh produce, fresh cut meats, and high-end treats — and buying whatever suits their fancy. In fact, many people nationwide don’t even know where they’ll find their next meal.

And this is something that I think about every day.

Every. Single. Day.

Words to Sweat by and Small Business Saturday 2014

So as I geared up for another year of promoting for Small Business Saturday, I started thinking about what I want people to do when they “Shop Small” with me this year. At first, I put on my “serious business” hat and thought through product promotion and placement; about making the right connections and collaborations.

Then after all that serious business thinking my “but what about humanity?” hat took over and my “ah ha!” moment for Small Business Saturday was something that will make me proud if it works like I hope it will.

Enter the #imnoslouch campaign.

Yes, the phrase “I’m no slouch” should ring a bell. It’s the sassy name of the Words to Sweat by organic cotton infinity scarves which were a lot of fun to create, but the running motif no longer fits into Words to Sweat by’s overall business strategy. And while some people may haul the products to the flea market in the hopes of making some quick cash, I want to “make” more than a quick buck and make a difference in other people’s lives instead.

So this is deal: Throughout the month of November, for everyone in the United States who can show me proof of a donation of $50 or more to their local food bank I will send a FREE running print organic cotton infinity scarf until I have no more to give. I will even cover shipping!

Oh and if the company where you work does a matching program, even better! Please make sure to do whatever you can to maximize your donation.

I will be writing more about the #imnoslouch campaign in the coming weeks both to explain more about the meaning of the #imnoslouch hashtag as well as how other small businesses can create a similar campaign for their business but for now, the details of the#imnoslouch campaign are below.

How To Redeem Your FREE Organic Cotton Infinity Scarf

I'm No Slouch: Running Motif

To receive your FREE Words to Sweat by running print organic cotton infinity scarf, just send an email with a proof of donation to imnoslouch [at] wordstosweatby[dot] com. For the purpose of the #imnoslouch campaign, proof of donation includes:

  • A screen grab that clearly shows the food bank’s name, your name, and your donation amount.
  • Forwarding the donation confirmation email to the above email address.
  • A scanned a receipt attached to the email.

I will respond to your email within 2 business days confirming receipt and then send the scarf out within 3 – 5 business days. (In plenty of time for you to hide the gift you may be getting for a special someone’s Winter holiday.)

The #imnoslouch Fine Print?

  • A cash donation (not food in-kind) must be given to the local food bank using the food banks stated methods.
  • Only applies to the Words to Sweat by running print organic cotton infinity scarf.
  • Open to United States residents only.
  • To send you a scarf, a valid USPS address needs to be provided.
  • Words to Sweat by will send the scarf via USPS First Class mail with delivery confirmation.
  • Words to Sweat by is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.
  • Only one scarf per household.
  • Void where prohibited.

Questions? Please feel free to get in touch.

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