Move Of The Month: Meet The Trainer, Sara Holliday

Our May move of the month, cat & cow to firm your abs builds core strength which keeps us centered. Sara Holliday, the trainer demonstrating the move, knows a lot about being centered because her unique approach with her clients combines her expertise in both the physical and the emotional aspects of being healthy. Read the interview below to learn more about Sara and if you’re in the San Diego area, stop by one of her classes.

How long have you been working with pre and post-natal clients?

During my eighteen years as a fitness professional I’ve always enjoyed helping women of all ages to get fit in body, mind, and spirit. However, I really got interested in prenatal fitness while I was pregnant with our first son over eight years ago. As my children mature my interest returns to fitness and wellness for women of all ages.

What do you love most about being a fitness professional?

I love seeing how good people feel after making positive changes to their health. It positively affects the way they look and feel, and it also improves the quality of their relationships.

How did you decide to integrate Marriage and Family therapy with yoga?

Years ago when I was personal training clients I noticed that many physical problems were related to emotional turmoil.  Once I obtained my Masters in Marriage and Family therapy I worked with clients to find solutions to emotional and relational problems. I noticed that when my clients got anxious or upset they would lose clarity. I found the movement and breath work found in yoga helped them get to a place of calm so they could find solutions within.

How has yoga assisted your clients in meeting their goals?

Yoga has been an amazing tool for helping my students to feel connected to the moment. It’s taken the focus off of what’s wrong with their body to working as a partner with their body to achieve a pose. The results of yoga are profound. Many of my students have lost weight, increased muscle tone, gained flexibility and strength, reduced physical and emotional pain, reduced stress, and it has brought clarity, calm and inner peace.

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