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Stuck In A Workout Funk? Try These Tweaks To Jeff Goins's 12 Writing Tricks | Words To Sweat By

Stuck In A Workout Funk? Try These Tweaks To Jeff Goins’s 12 Writing Tricks

by Dana on March 18, 2012

Words to Sweat by Mantra Workout Towel

Are you stuck in a workout funk and just not enjoying it as much as you did before? Has this funk ever made you consider giving up?

I recently came across a post by Jeff Goins where he outlines 12 tips to get you out of a creative funk and I chuckled at how relevant they are to a workout funk once the follow-up explanations are tweaked. So I did. Tweak them, that is.

The original tip is in bold and the Words to Sweat explanation follows.

1. Realize this will not last forever. Don’t overthink it and listen to you mind and body. Within a couple of days, if you’ve been able to recharge, you’ll find your workout mojo again.

2. Take a break (from your regular workout programming). Have you been planning your rest days in appropriate intervals? Are you cross training in a way that keeps your workouts interesting? Not only is over training a surefire way to get into a funk, but so is doing the same thing over and over again. Need more convincing? Read these 9 reasons to skip your workout.

3. Eat something. And then take a look at how your eating has been the previous several days and make sure you’re getting enough healthy variety and timing your meals appropriately. Low blood sugar brings out the worst in most of us, doesn’t it?

4. Laugh. You may have already guessed it, but we’re big proponents of laughter here at Words to Sweat by. So much so, that we’ve even found a laughter exercise video for you to try as well as 25 laughter yoga exercises in case you’re blocked.

5. Listen to music. Where Goins recommends you listen to “something without words,” With a workout funk, it’s best to do the exact opposite. Blast your favorite booty shaking tunes and see how difficult it is to sit still. Dancing around your living room can be a mini-workout to get you back on track.

6.Pray or meditate. Whatever your beliefs, take time to slow down your mind and let it relax enough to feel refreshed.

7. Get some exercise.We’ll turn this one on its head and recommend that you do some writing. Maybe jotting down some thoughts in your journal will help you gain some clarity on why you’re stuck in a rut. Make sure to throw in some doodles along the way to keep it interesting.

8. Sing. Out loud. And if you want to multitask, do this while also doing tip #5.

9. Call a friend (and meet outdoors, preferably someplace you can walk to or around). As you’re moving, vent if need be or talk about the most mundane (but fun) topics so that the animated conversation lets your body forget that you’re getting a little workout.

10. Read. A book or a magazine, but nothing related to fitness and exercise. And stay offline because the temptation to click over to your favorite health sites may be too great.

11. Drink water or a green smoothie. You have to stay hydrated and energizied for when you’re back into your workout routine. Plus, some of your workout malaise may be dehydration.

12. Watch a movie (and take a short nap). All the better if it makes you laugh (see tip #4), or pump your fist in the air (will the “movie workout” be the next big thing?). And if you fall asleep while it’s playing no worries. You probably need the shuteye.

What else would you add to this list? How do you change your thinking and get out of a workout funk?

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