Faces of Itness: Meet Sherimiya

The Warm-Up

Favorite workout song: Come on get up!
Favorite outdoor activity: Swimming, walking/running the dog, cycling with my 8-year old
Favorite motivational quote: Don’t waste the day away.
Favorite Words to Sweat by (or other) mantra: Whatever you do, don’t hold your breath.

The Heavy Lifting

What does being “healthy and fit” mean to you?

Being able to keep up with my kids, feeling strong and capable, having the energy to complete all my daily activities with time to spare.

Have health and fitness, in some form, always been a part of your life?

During my childhood I rode my bike, danced hula, and did a lot of beach combing & exploring; in high school I ran track & cross-country; in college and grad school I biked and swam a lot. I’ve always liked to stay active.

What tools or approaches have you found most useful in meeting your goals?

Finding a schedule that’s convenient makes a big difference. Swimming right after dropping the kids off at school means the rest of the day is open for other activities. It also is a great way to kick start my day and “wake up”! As for healthy meal planning, it helps to pre-plan the week ahead with both tried-and-true recipes as well as one or two new ones to try. I like to talk up the new ones so the kids get excited about them too. It’s a great trick that really works!

What types of lifestyle changes have you made over the years that were the most beneficial?

Not owning a car until I was out of grad school and starting my first job made me dependent upon my own devices. I learned to bike or walk everywhere, on all kinds of terrain, to school and to the market. I think it kept me from becoming sluggish and laid the groundwork for me to want to remain in shape.

What workouts do you find most effective for your needs and your time constraints?

I swim because I love to swim. It’s pretty basic. It’s not as convenient as running or biking, which I used to do, but I’ve discovered that I crave the quiet solitude as well as the low-impact exertion. I like to start the day with a swim so I can get to the rest of my obligations without interruption. I also take a half hour to walk the dog right before picking up the kids to get revved up, and my high-energy dog always ensures that it’s a good cardio workout too!

The Cooldown

What are your next goals related to your health and fitness?

I’d love to expand my recipe repertoire to keep my kids open to trying new flavors and getting them interested in what goes into their bodies.

What advice do you have for people looking to find their own health & fitness groove?

Find something that you already enjoy doing; it’ll be much easier to stay with it. And if you can find someone to work out with, even better! The social aspect makes it a lot more fun.

Website URL: http://happylittlebento.blogspot.com

Twitter URL: sherimiya

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