Feetures! Socks Give Your Feet A Hug

by Dana on November 24, 2014

Standard cotton socks (albeit with a sassy pattern) or cycling socks that breathe well have long been the main options in my workout drawer.

I hadn’t any real need for compression socks, but had heard good things.

So when Feetures! and I connected about the FitGift Holiday Guide, I was curious to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to this type of sock.

Feetures! kindly sent a pair of ultra light and light cushion no show tab socks from their Elite collection and when they arrived, I got to walking.

And if I were to detail all of the ways and miles I walked, it would sound like a Dr. Seuss book but suffice it to say I wore these while walking on a treadmill, on a high school track, on concrete, and on carpet.

And each time I found that  Feetures! socks give your feet a nice hug and feel barely there while you’re on the move.

Of the two pairs, I preferred the ultra light cushion sock because while I like a bit of padding, the light cushion plus targeted compression took a little more getting used to for this compression sock newbie.

Added bonus? For those early morning workouts they have made sure you wear the correct sock on each foot by kindly marking them with an “R” and an “L”.

So, check them out and let Feetures! show your feet some love.

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