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Leave Your Motivational Mark with Fun Chalk | Words To Sweat By

Leave Your Motivational Mark With Fun Chalk

by Dana on December 2, 2014

I am a list person. Sometimes, my lists have lists.

I am also a fan of motivational mantras.

And color. Lots of color.

If you put them all together? It’s a banner day!

So, when Kathy offered to let me try Fun Chalk, a set of bright and colorful liquid chalk markers that can be used almost anywhere, I was immediately ticking off a mental list of all the places I would test these markers. The possibilities were endless, and the list quite long.

Why Fun Chalk?

When the markers arrived, I read the benefits and instructions carefully. I am usually the person who cries foul (smell) with many products that claim, as these do, to be “odourless.” I was also curious to know how easy it would be to write on each of the surfaces.

So I tested them on glass, chalkboard (fabric, no less), and a whiteboard. And guess what? It was FUN!

Not only that, but these markers from Goldstar Selections are another one of those items whose value you don’t quite understand until you think through their claims and why they are important to mention.

When whiteboards became all the rage, I remember having to open the door or window for ventilation because the markers reeked, so it was great to learn from experience that these really are “odor free.” I also remembered that no one will have a sneezing fit because of the dust leftover from chalk. This is great for people of all ages in a any environment where people may be sensitive.

These markers also become a one-stop shop because they do work on each of the surfaces they claim. As a trainer or a coach, you can take these with you to write on the car window, the mini whiteboard you carry to demonstrate new plays, or in the locker room to show your team spirit. As a teacher, you can use these on desks, chalk boards, and whiteboards.

Remember that brainstorming that resulted in endless possibilities and that long list?

How Do I Use A Fun Chalk Marker?

The instructions included with the package on how to “prime” and use the marker are very straightforward. I found, however, that where they suggest a few seconds get the markers primed for the first time took longer than was stated. What I finally did was ‘pump’ the marker for about 10+ seconds to get the ink to fill the nib completely.

It’s also important to note that the cap doesn’t fit on the back of the marker so you’ll need to make sure you put it someplace safe when you’re using the marker so it’s easy to find again.

Writing with Fun Chalk is very smooth but if you plan on doing an elaborate design that involves more than letters, I suggest you do a draft first so you get used to how the liquid chalk flows from the marker and slightly angled tip.

Why Is Fun Chalk Great For Fitness?

As I already explained, Fun Chalk is a great thing to have on hand for anyone who needs versatile marker but it’s always nice to have detailed examples.

I have therefore come up with a short list of ideas where fitness fans and professionals might use Fun Chalk throughout their day:

  • Write motivational messages to clients on the mirrors of your personal training studio
  • Mark your drinking glass to warn people it’s filled with ACV,
  • Write down your CrossFit box’s WOD on a chalkboard, whiteboard, or a mirror.
  • Write your “healthy eats” grocery list on your fridge so you don’t forget to pick your weekly staples.
  • Keep tabs of exactly how many gallons of water you’ve consumed from that big plastic bottle you’ve been carrying around with you all day.
  • Write down your weekly or monthly fitness goal on a corner in your bathroom mirror to keep you focused.

What’s the final word? Fun Chalk let’s you leave your motivational mark without the mess!

I’d love to hear your thoughts: How would you use these liquid chalk markers in your daily life?

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