March Madness 2013: How Long Have You Had Your Most Favorite T-Shirt? {GIVEAWAY}

Spring is so close, I can smell it. And with the arrival of Spring, it’s time to put away the bulky sweaters and long sleeve shirts and break out your wardrobe meant for warm, sunny days.

Every time I get through my t-shirts this time of year, I think about a friend I had years ago, and her straightforward hierarchy of t-shirts. It went something like this:

Outside t-shirt

“Outside t-shirts” were allowed to be worn outside to casual gatherings and the like.

Workout t-shirt

“Workout t-shirts” were allowed to be seen in public, but only if you were working out (and preferably some place contained, like the the gym.)

Comfy t-shirt

“Comfy t-shirts” were deemed too far gone to be seen by anyone but your partner and family within the comfort and confine of your own home. To be seen in a “comfy shirt” outside of the home, well, it was the biggest fashion faux pas.

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I still chuckle as I remember her animated face as she explained her system (that had specific cubes and labels, even!).

So, in the hopes that one day a Words to Sweat by t-shirt is so well loved it becomes a “comfy t-shirt,” as part of March Madness 2013, I am giving away a t-shirt of choice to two lucky winners.

Just leave a blog comment telling me how long you’ve had your most favorite t-shirt and why it is so special to you to enter!

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9 thoughts on “March Madness 2013: How Long Have You Had Your Most Favorite T-Shirt? {GIVEAWAY}”

  1. This may sound crazy but one of my favourite T-shirts is roughly 37 years old! And the reason it’s so special to me, is because I was wearing it (while working on a farm) when I met my future husband. It was one of my older T-shirts that became a work T-shirt. Although I no longer wear this particular T-shirt, from time to time I do pull it out and reflect on the time when I fell in love with my husband. And it still brings back some very fond memories of falling in love!

  2. My favorite tshirt is one printed by Flag Nor Fail. I’ve had it almost a year and it’s my favorite because of what it stands for. “I will not Flag (surrender) nor Fail!” No matter what I will win 😉

  3. Love your system – it makes total sense to me! My oldest t-shirt is probably around 13 years old!

  4. I’ve had a t-shirt from my rugby playing days for 11 years now…it brings back great memories of competition and friendship

  5. I’ve had my favorite tee for about 5 years now. It is a long sleeve nike tshirt – that is soft and comfy and I love it.

  6. That system makes perfect sense to me. One of my standby favorite tshirts to bum around, in, snuggle up in, or just plain sleep in is a hockey tournament team tshirt from my daughter’s first year playing – so let’s see – it’s at least 14 years old.

  7. My favorite shirt is 13 years old and is my masters degree program shirt. It was the first program I felt I belonged to and I loved letting people know that yes, librarians has master degrees. It is starting to fray and fall apart, so I don’t wear it as much, but still love the message it leaves for others.

  8. My favorite shirt is my George Thorogood’s Bad to the Bone concert t-shirt that my brother gave me as he worked the show!! It has the cities on the back which includes Deadwood,South Dakota which is the near where I grew up and I worked. I’ve had it 28 years and the material has gotten very thin with a lot of holes. I love it but I need to find another favorite shirt as I can’t wear that shirt out & about any longer. 😉

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