5 Silly Things To Do On The 1st Day Of Spring

It’s the first day of Spring which is quite literally in the air especially in Atlanta where the pollen count is a record high.

For those of you who want to celebrate in between sneezes, here are five silly things to do on the first day of Spring:

  1. Find a playground near you and swing as high as you can. Make sure you can feel the wind in your hair.
  2. Use a bubble wand to make huge bubbles and watch them take flight.
  3. Find a semi-steep, grassy hill and do barrel rolls down the hill. Watch people’s reactions and see how many of the kids (but not adults!) join you.
  4. Make a Spring daisy chain and wear it to dinner.
  5. Skip down your street waving to your neighbors (and get a quick cardio workout while you’re at it).

How will you celebrate the return of warm weather and outdoor activities?

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